Does your eye twitch when someone asks for the url of your website? Because: A) it looks like a glorified PowerPoint presentation or B) IT DOESN’T EVEN EXIST!! You don’t need to listen to me preach IT’S-2018-EVERY-BIZ-NEEDS-A-WEBSITE blah, blah, blah. You’re already well aware of that… And I believe that you’ve been brought to my little corner of the internet for a reason 🙂

My signature web design package will provide you with a strategically curated WordPress website that is 100% custom, responsive on devices of all shapes and sizes and will transform your business from simply “existing” to “WHOA, LOOK AT THAT!”

Wouldn’t you rather spend your time developing more connections and growing your business (or watching Netflix, I don’t judge) instead of wasting HOURS desperately sifting through confusing online tutorials in attempts to DIY a quick n’ dirty website for yourself? My goal is to provide you with a ultra high end result that will stun and captivate your potential clients and customers and become a 24/7 salesman for your business!

The Grandiose

Signature Web Design Experience

TIMELINE: 7-9 weeks

What's included:

  • Strategy questionnaire
  • Collaborative Pinterest inspiration board
  • Custom font selection
  • 100% custom Squarespace OR WordPress website with up to 6 interior pages (including blog)
  • Coming Soon landing page (with a countdown timer!)
  • 1 initial design with up to 2 full rounds of revisions (mockups presented using the Marvel App)
  • Domain transfer to WordPress (if applicable)
  • Installation of plugins (if using WordPress)
  • Social media integration
  • Basic SEO setup
  • 1 digital asset of your choice: E-book (up to 5 pages), social media graphics template, email template, etc
  • Installation of website and delivery of assets
  • Personalized video tutorials on how to edit your site

Your website shouldn’t serve as a glorified digital brochure. If that’s what you’re looking for,  just upload a clickable PDF and save yourself the hassle! …I’m kidding, PLEASE don’t do that!!

Let’s work together to create a spectacular online presence that stands out and gets incredible results!

Investment begins at $4150 USD*

Currently booking for July 2019

* This is the base price of a custom website project. Final prices vary and depend on the complexity of the project, please contact me for a custom quote. 40% deposit due upon signing of contract | 30% due upon project start date | 30% final payment due at project completion prior to site launch.

Looking for a different kind of web package for you and your business’s needs? WordPress ain’t your jam? Contact me and we can discuss your options and we can come up with a custom package on the platform of your choice!


Isn't WordPress complicated to use?

Lemme guess, you think of WordPress they way you think of Creme Brûlée: intricately complex and WAY too laborious and terrifying to ever attempt to create on your own (you mean you don’t have a blowtorch laying around at home? Oh). I assume that’s why you’ve been drawn to Squarespace, Wix and Weebly because who doesn’t’ love some drag n’ drop action!? 

Well, I have some pretty great news for you: I develop all my websites using Elementor, a powerful visual DRAG N’ DROP page builder plugin. What does this mean? This means you’ll experience the same ease of use as Squarespace PLUS the full custom control functionalities of WordPress. Oh and did I mention that you get all this without having to touch a line of code?

That’s right, NO CODE!! HAPPY DANCE.

Also, remember that each package includes a complimentary 1 hour training to teach you EXACTLY how to maintain and update your website on your own! The training will be video recorded so you can refer to it whenever you want! 

Stress about WordPress no more! 

Client Praise

"Liz's attention to detail, and unique creativity is unparalleled in the industry. I’ve worked with many designers and she is definitely one of the best! I was completely taken care of every step of the way which is very much appreciated, especially in this industry!"
Rachel Whynot
Business Success Coach

The Process



After your submit your initial inquiry from my Contact page, I’ll send you an Intro packet to review. This packet will provide all the deets regarding the ins and outs of this collaboration process! After you’re done reviewing the packet, you’ll schedule a Zoom call with me so I can hear your lovely voice, see your lovely face and learn more about your project needs and how I can best serve you and your business. Once we discover that we’re a match made in heaven, I’ll send over a official proposal, contract and your first invoice. Once everything is signed, sealed and delivered, we’ll get the PARTAY started!



WOOHOO, it’s official!! Next, keep an eye out for a Welcome packet in your inbox (I’m just sending you ALL the things, aren’t I?). It’ll explain to you how to provide proper feedback, list my office hours, how to access Asana (the AMAZING project management system we’ll be using), and perhaps some other kinda-boring-but-necessary-to-know-about-stuff. I’ll also send over a questionnaire for you to fill out in order to help me better understand your business’s values, attributes and brand personality. Based on your responses, I’ll have deeper knowledge of how my designs can help you achieve your business goals!

Communication will take place either via email, Zoom or Asana.


Visual Discovery and strategy

During this stage, I’ll ask you to gather inspirational imagery and post them to a secret Pinterest board. While you’re doing that, I’ll take the information you provided in your completed questionnaire and start crafting wireframes, aka: the “skeleton” framework of how your website will exist.

Based off of your selected visuals from your Pinterest board, I’ll next design Style Tiles for you to review. What are Style Tiles? I consider them as “next level mood boards”. They allow me to explore what your desired site aesthetic will translate to in a overall website experience. While they don’t represent the layout of your homepage, it provides me with a solid visual starting point and getting your feedback at this stage can potentially eliminate hours of going in the wrong direction! This stage ensures that we’re both on the same page!


DESIGN and refine

Utilizing my professional design experience and industry standards and best practices, I’ll create custom designs for you to review and provide feedback. The mockups will be presented to you via screen share conference call (on Zoom) and I’ll make up to 2 full revisions to ensure that we achieve the desired look and functionalities of your DREAMS!



After final design mockups have been approved and all of the website content has been received, you can relax while I’ll get started on building your site! Seriously, take this time to get a massage, attend all the happy hours and count down the days until your baby COMES TO LIFE!

After I’m done nerding out in WordPress land, we’ll conduct some extensive testing and Q/A to make sure all the links work, spell check all the content, that kind of stuff. WE’RE UPON THE FINISH LINE!


delivery and LAUNCH!

IT’S HAPPENING! After you pay your final deposit, I’ll send over Google Drive link of your final design files and your website will be up and LIVE!

Pour the champagne, do a little dance, (or if you’re like me, eat a family sized Snickers bar) and PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR because we just accomplished something SPECTACULAR!

Time for the compliments to roll in and watch your site engagement spike!

Ready to get started?


Client Inquiry Form

You’re ready to get this party started! WOOHOO! I love parties!

Please fill out the form below so I can learn more about your business and design needs. I’ll respond within 2 business days. Alternatively, you can email me directly at

Client Inquiry Form

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Yes I sure am! Let’s make some magic!

Sure! I’m a professional graphic designer with over 5 years of experience in print and digital design and I would be happy to take on your other design tasks. Examples: PDFs, email design, business card, stationary, etc.

Absolutely! While I offer a one hour live video training for all my clients on exactly how to update their website, I understand tech-y stuff isn’t everyone’s jam. Please email me at to discuss maintenance packages.

WordPress! I develop all websites using Elementor, a powerful visual drag-and-drop page builder plugin. Imagine the ease of use of Squarespace PLUS the full custom control over the functionality of your site. This makes it a breeze for you to edit your site!

However, if you ABSOLUTELY have your heart set on Squarespace, I can make it happen 🙂 Let’s chat.

Yep, I require all of my clients to sign a contract prior to any project start date. It’s not going include any of that cryptic legal jargon, I just want both our butts to be protected! A contract will make the expectations clear about what’s going to happen, when it’s going to happen, and how it’s going to happen. It’s for the benefit of both parties!

VERY! My design process is highly collaborative and it just couldn’t work without you! In order for our project to go as smoothly as possible, I require all of my clients to provide all necessary materials (i.e: content, images, selected fonts, etc) before I begin website development.

We change our minds, I understand. Therefore, I offer a complimentary 1 week grace period after your launch date where I’ll make any necessary minor tweaks and edits.

Any changes requested beyond that grace period I will be happy to take care of and you will be billed via my hourly rate.

Yep! I require a 40% deposit due upon signing of contract, 30% will due upon project start date and the 30% final payment will be due at project completion prior to site launch. My website lists the base pricing of my services, final estimates will be determined after factors such as project scope and availability will be taken into consideration during your inquiry call.

I accept payments via PayPal or Stripe.

The investment cost is for my design and development services only. Additional costs such as purchasing Elementor Pro, a domain, website hosting, software licenses (optional), premium fonts (optional), stock images (optional), etc will be your responsibility and billed separately.

I want you to be BEYOND happy with your finished results! Therefore, one of the reasons why my inquiry form (above) involves so many questions is because I want us to be absolutely certain that we’re a great fit for each other before we begin our collaboration.

However, once booked, the 40% initial deposit is non-refundable because it is required to guarantee your spot in my project calendar.